Ways to achieve Wealth and Property

Friday, July 19, 2019

Achieving wealth and property is one of the main goals of our lives. No matter what, people go to any extent just for the search of a good amount of money and give their best. This is because wealth, money, property are such things in life which can make us do anything in today’s world. Now, the question which arises is that, how do we get all this money, wealth and property or how will we know whether we will ever be able to have such fortune?


You can take the help of astrology to find the answer to this question. 


In Vedic Astrology, there are a number of parameters and the most famous parameter is the ‘presence of Raj yoga’. Some other important parameters are ‘Upachaya Houses”. In Upachaya Houses, there are primary parameters such as 3rd House, 6th House, 10th House, and the 11th House. The secondary parameters are the 2nd house and Lagna. 

  • The 1st House represents you. Nothing starts without you, so Lagna or Lagan Lord is important.
  • The 2nd House is known as the money house.
  • The 5th House represents the good deeds that you have done in your previous life.
  • The 9th House is also known as the fortune house. This is because all sorts of good Karma are kept in this House, as luck.
  • The 11th House contains lots of gains and it has the ability to provide wealth and make someone a billionaire even.
  • The 3rd House represents the money gained through hard work and effort. It is the opposite of the 9th house and similar to that of the 2nd house.
  • The 4th House is all about the property- homes, lands, cars, gadgets, and all kinds of luxury items. So, even the people who have no money yoga may have lots of properties, lands, and houses.
  • The 6th House signifies the enemy in your life. If the enemy does a mistake, you will get money in return. Or, if you do any type of good deed to your enemy you will get money.
  • The 7th House represents business partnerships, gains which we get from spouses or relations in business.
  • The 8th House is sort of the opposite of the 2nd house. It is the money which we get by inheritance or by the people in-laws etc.   
  • The 10th House signifies the source of the money. It could be by business or banking or any kind of source of income.        
  • The 12th House represents the money which we get from foreign lands. 

There are planets which rule these houses. These are your money giving planets. 

The Sun signifies power, authority, or government control.  A person with a powerful Sun can achieve a good amount of money.
The Moon is a planet which signifies liquid money or in other words, wet cash.
Mars is a planet which rules properties, houses, lands, etc. so people get to earn good money from it.
Mercury signifies money through business.
Jupiter is the planet which controls gold, jewelry, etc.
Venus represents all sorts of luxuries.
Saturn rules antiques, land, properties, mines etc.
Rahu & Ketu act in conjunction and can provide you with money if they have enough positive strength.

So people can see their planets and their houses in their charts and see whether they will achieve wealth and property and how they can earn more.


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Ways to achieve Wealth and Property

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