Sagittarius Baby Names

Have you ever wondered how a name can affect the life of a person? Names are powerful entities that provide an identity to a person and this is the reason that parents must take special care while naming their babies.

Sagittarius Baby Names Start with the Letters : Yo, Ye, Ta, Ph, Dh, and Bh 

The babies that are born during the period starting from November 22 to December 21 share Sagittarius as their zodiac signs. This sun sign refers to ‘the archer’ and this makes the Sagittarius children adventurous beings who are full of optimism and enthusiasm. Astrologers suggest that the syllables preferable for the names of Sagittarius babies must be Yo, Ye, Ta, Ph, Dh, and Bh.

The babies born under the sun sign of Sagittarius grow up into honest and independent individuals who love to explore new things around them. They are intellectual beings who have their own set of philosophies that helps them deal with life in their own way. These children share a curiosity to go out in the world and see what it has to offer them and quench their thirst for knowledge. The Sagittarius babies are extremely lively and energetic and therefore, it is very important to engage them physically and mentally to keep them occupied and active.

Name Meaning Short List
Faakhir proud; excellent 5641 Baby Name Faakhir
Faaris horseman; knight 5642 Baby Name Faaris
Faarooq one who distinguishes truth from falsehood 5643 Baby Name Faarooq
Fadi the redeemer 5644 Baby Name Fadi
Fadl outstanding; honourable 5645 Baby Name Fadl
Fadl Ullah excellence of God 5646 Baby Name Fadl Ullah
Fahad lynx 5647 Baby Name Fahad
Faisal decisive 5648 Baby Name Faisal
Faiyaz artistic 5649 Baby Name Faiyaz
Faiz gain 5650 Baby Name Faiz
Fakhry honorary 5651 Baby Name Fakhry
Falak the sky 5652 Baby Name Falak
Falgu lovely 5653 Baby Name Falgu
Falguni, Phalguni born in Falgun, a Hindu month; Arjun 5654 Baby Name Falguni, Phalguni
Fanibhusan Lord Shiva 5655 Baby Name Fanibhusan
Fanindra the cosmic serpent Shesh 5656 Baby Name Fanindra
Fanish the cosmic serpent Shesh 5657 Baby Name Fanish
Fanishwar lord of serpents, Vasuki 5658 Baby Name Fanishwar
Faraz equitable 5659 Baby Name Faraz
Fareed unique 5660 Baby Name Fareed
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