You are accident-prone at this time, so do be careful. The likeliness of injuring yourself while at work or while travelling is high today. Be cautious for it`s better to be safe than sorry! Abide by all the traffic laws, and be extra careful while handling sharp-edged instruments, electrical appliances and fire. Be careful and you will come under no harm. Boost your energy levels by doing yoga.
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You could be affected by an injury at this time so be careful around sharp objects. You might hurt yourself while working in the kitchen with sharp-edged knives. Alternatively, you might injure yourself with sharp machinery and tools used at the workplace. Be extra careful.

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You will find today that some recent aches and pains clear up and you are anxious to do some good stretching, maybe a little yoga, and start to feel energized again. Generally your health is good, so you can focus today on a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. You will find that it does you a world of good. You are feeling much more positive and are willing to make changes that you need to.
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