Be wary of accidents while on a journey today. The road may be a bit treacherous as accidents are highly indicated. You will need to exercise great caution and will need to use defensive driving in order to get through this day accident-free. Keep your wits about you and do not drive if you are tired and you should be fine in the end.
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Be careful while you are on the road today, whether or not you are the one who`s driving. Rash motorists will mean danger for you and you can also pose a danger to others on the road if you are not sensible with your driving. You must drive with a cool and rational mind and control your road rage. Overall this will not be a safe day for you if you want to travel. Avoid travelling if you can.

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You need to be careful on the road today. Chances of a road accident are quite high. To avoid a risky situation, make sure that you are extra cautious on the road and obey all the traffic laws. Keep your speed under the speed limit, and fasten your seat belt. Wear helmets and avoid road rage.
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