Today avoid accidents in all forms. Be mindful when you are carrying heavy objects or while walking on a slippery surface. Try not to be clumsy as the results may be more dire today than on any other day. When you act, do it with intention and focus and you should be just fine. Teenagers have a much better day as you finally see some improvement in your skin. A treatment starts showing results.
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Your courage and determination are low at this time and you don't feel like starting anything new. You are feeling over self-critical now and actually need to be more lenient with yourself about your looks. A habit of always criticizing yourself instead of embracing your wonderful qualities is having an effect on your mood. Practice positive self-affirmation today.

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From your health point of view today is excellent, as you will do all the right things. You will eat sensibly and ensure that you are physically active. However, while cooking, do be careful as there is a possibility of a minor injury. You should be especially cautious and mindful around fire and other hot objects at this time. Exercising is a must if you want to stay healthy and avoid problems.
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