Businesspeople, don't get into partnerships at all today, according to your planetary position. This will do you more harm than good and might even ruin your business. Also, if you had planned to end your business in your home country and start it elsewhere, hold the thought as this time may not be favourable for that. Avoid making any major changes during this period and wait for some time.
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Today indicates that getting into a partnership will not give you promising returns. Although you have made these plans for quite some time it would be wise to postpone it for later. Avoid it at any rate for now. It may be that this person is not professionally compatible with you and this may lead to future discord. Instead focus your energies on using the resources at hand to increase profits.

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If you have been renting your home for some time now, then today is a day to starting looking at the real estate ads about what homes would be available to you if you were to buy. Today it is indicated that your efforts in this manner would pay off in the long run, so don`t be shy about pulling out the paper and having a look!
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