Today in the realm of your health you should put some practices in place that will afford you long-term health. Focus on health maintenance practices like yoga instead of get-fit-quick schemes like dieting. Your energy level and your sense of well-being will rise steadily over time and you`ll be much less likely to quit your fitness and healthy eating regimen if you choose a slow and steady path.
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Focus on becoming physically stronger and more fit today. You need to strengthen your core as well as work on your stamina. You have become complacent about your exercise regimen and your fitness is deteriorating as a result. Stop making excuses for yourself and pull yourself into the gym once again. You will definitely be glad that you did.

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Due to some recent stress you have been experiencing, you have been taking in too many empty calories lately. The way to combat this today is to make sure you get some extra exercise. Do an extra lap during your morning walk, or run an extra five minutes on the treadmill. Either way, take today to get yourself back on track.
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