Today will have you itching to put on your dancing shoes and wanting to hit the dance floor. Your mind is wandering from your responsibilities and you yearn for the company of your loved ones. If you are single, this is the day to hit the town and get noticed. You never know just whom you might find-or who might find you!
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Today indicates the beginning of a romantic journey as a long-time friendship turns into love. This would lift your spirits taking your imagination to new heights. You will have to handle this relationship tenderly and with love. As far as possible avoid any confrontations and in case if there are some differences then find ways to tackle them amicably.

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If you are single and have been considering proposing to someone you know you may want to show a little patience today. If this person is a friend or associate of yours, but is not actually very close to you yet, you should re-think your decision today. You may be jumping into something too fast.
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