Certain accidents and injuries involving both fire and firearms are indicated today. Therefore, to escape accident and injury on this day you should strictly avoid being near fire and weapons of any kind at this time. You can also exercise great caution today around hot objects of all kinds. All of these items could pose a serious threat to your health now. Maintain the proper precautions today.
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Take it easy today physically and don`t strain yourself as you are quite accident prone. Watch your joints and your muscles as problems can occur on either front. Light exercise is still worth doing, but don`t go in for any extreme sports today. If you`re bike riding then certainly wear a helmet today in order to avoid serious accident.

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Be careful while handling fire or electricity. You are accident-prone today and might injure yourself while working with high voltage electrical appliances like microwaves and heaters. Also, maintain caution while working with hot objects and while handling fire. Keep water handy in case of emergency.
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