Avoid handling dangerous objects because the chances of an accident are high. You tend to be accident-prone today and therefore should try to stay away from sharp objects such as knives so that you don`t injure yourself. Also avoid using electrical appliances as you may receive a shock. Make sure you are very careful while handling fire.
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Beware minor injury today, as small problems and injuries are indicated. Watch your driving on the road and don`t be reckless. You can prevent not only problems that you would cause on the road, but you can also be defensive in your driving such that you can avoid collisions from others. This is a day to be mindful of your actions and you will escape without encountering too much hassle.

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Your sound health will keep you in a cheerful state today. You will also benefit if you make your mind receptive to positive emotions like love, hope and faith. The power of your mind can do wonders for your health. Do your best to remain in a positive and healthy state of mind and your health will be the same. Enjoy today.
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