Be very careful around fire today. Indications are that there is a greater risk than normal of injury due to fire and hot objects. You might suffer from minor burns which will cause you pain. Keep water handy when handling hot objects just to be safe. If you exercise caution today then you will be just fine. You will find yourself drawn towards meditation in order to relax your mind.
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Avoid getting too close to deep water unless you are an excellent swimmer. Water-related accidents are indicated today, so this is not the day for you to test the waters, literally and figuratively! Keep away from any deep body of water, natural or otherwise, as chances of your getting into trouble and then panicking are higher than normal. It would be better to be safe than sorry.

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If you have been experiencing some minor aches and pains recently they may continue through today. You can eradicate them through a well planned diet of fresh foods and some balanced exercise. Your overall health is on the right track, so do not despair. Tensions will decrease soon and your state of mind will come back to normal.
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