Today you will be feeling fine and dandy, which is a welcome relief after a recent period of feeling under the weather. Use today to tone your body and focus on specific exercise regimens for particular muscle groups. But be careful not to strain your muscles; make sure you stretch before and after your workout.
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Today you may need to try to figure out how to spice up your exercise routine so that it doesn`t get boring. Even if you are working out in a gym with others around you may find you lose stamina for going regularly. Why not join with a friend and you can keep each other on track? Also try diversifying your routine to include yoga and weight training.

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Today you will want to exercise and get your mind and body back on track after recently giving yourself an extended break from your workout routine. Today work on getting back to your good habits in the realm of health and fitness. Remember, in the long run you will feel better after spending thirty minutes in the gym than spending another thirty minutes on the couch!
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