This month, due to Mars, you may encounter some unexpected situations that may leave you feeling insecure. However, you will have nothing to worry about as you will be able to overcome these problems without too much hassle. You will also crave a quiet existence and be quite happy to spend time with your family at home. There are chances of your losing your temper at work so you must be careful in this regard. You might have to work harder than usual if you want to meet your deadlines. One of your relatives brings you monetary gain. You get a much-needed break from all the chaos towards the month end. You will have an active social life and will participate in quite a few social events, thanks to Venus. Try and keep a tight rein on your purse-strings. You might get an opportunity for travel. The physical strain and lethargy that has afflicted you will finally wear off this month. You will find comfort in spiritual literature and other spiritual things. A legal matter that has been troubling you will finally be resolved this month. You might have to face some issues on the domestic front, which might disturb you.

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