Aquarius Professional

Aquarius Professional

You love to be independent and free, this applies even with your career. You need to choose a career path which allows you enough room to express your individuality. Aquarians are known for their originality and difference that you bring in to your work. You have this brilliant quality first to make sure what is expected from you before you take up the task. Even if you love freedom, you are not a rebel who disrespects rules. It’s just that you like to execute your work in your own ‘distinctive’ way. Most Aquarians make excellent entrepreneurs, at the same time yours is a sign of groups and teams. You can work in an office environment or under the supervision of any leader unless they are bossy or too strict.

Along with your gift of gab and your love to interact with people, you can find a fulfilling career in sales and marketing as well. Not just good, you will be great at it!!! You are also a competitive sign which is why when it’s related to sales and marketing, you just turn on your charm button.

You have the extra ordinary ability to work without any distraction no matter what the situation might be. Adding up to this, you have great resilience power, you can work the entire day. This is the reason why you are one of the favorites of your boss.

You have immense reasoning and thinking power and you worship the clever and the intellectual. Blessed with an eccentric brain who loves to solve problems. You also make excellent professors, researchers, astrologers, advertising copywriters and even scientist with your futuristic bent. Public Relations is another field in which you will be excellent. A career in computers or telecommunications will also work well for you as you love to rise to different kinds of challenges at work. To sum it up, you are in the right career path as long as you interact with people and make them think and laugh.

Aquarians are not worried about monetary gains overtly. However, you should still be cautious in terms of money. Despite all your positive qualities that can provide you a fulfilling career, at times you can get impatient and careless with details which can have a negative impact on your career. 

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