Cancer Personality

Cancer Personality

As a crab you can often avoid confrontation by hiding in your shell, preferring not to get into a heated battle. You just don't like conflict. This makes you agreeable but can also stop you from expressing your own feelings directly, especially if they might offend. You are caring and truly a symbol of love Cancer, especially when it comes to your family, who you dutifully provide for at any opportunity. You are faithful, loving, and protective of those you keep close. This is where you shine. You are also very perceptive of other people's emotions, very receptive to their needs, and psychic and intuitive in your nature.

The flip side is that you are not always the first to express your own emotions, or ask for help when you need it. Cancer, you may remain a little distant and closed off in your approach to life, and your complicated and contradictory nature can leave you vacant at times. The immense amount of love you give is your strength, but this can cause you to come across as clingy, needy, and possessive at times. Your moods wax and wane with your ruler, the Moon, and this can cause you to have mood swings, which are sometimes intensified by your inclination towards a pessimistic outlook. It is typical of the contradictory nature of Cancer to be able to be so loving, yet so negative at times.


Cancer admires people who respect their elders. They like to associate with people who are close with their family. They find much in common with such people. Cancer likes to demonstrate their feelings and are very expressive. They like receiving gifts and presents, especially when it is a surprise. Cancerians love art, history, ancient artifacts and are drawn towards old monuments. Cancer loves water sports and always has a great time swimming and surfing.


Cancer dislikes being away from home. They hate being in the middle of an argument. Do what you want but never criticize your parents in front of a Cancer. You may end up losing your Cancer friend forever. Cancer simply cannot associate with people who do not respect their parents.  They don't like movies that are too modern. Their personality goes better with old movies that had a simpler but well narrated story.

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